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Communication and power    |   Diagrams    |   Book    |   Slide projection    |    Slide collage in light box   |    2018

During some days I observed the moment of power in my daily life, power exerted on me or by me. At the same time I tried to limit my communications. I have observed some rules and register the movement of power in graphics. The set was the most daily ambience, my house, that I deconstruct in the photography, just as the feeling of power that we commonly refers to our most intimate spaces. The result is a book with my reflection on power and communication presented in an installation with slide photos.

These schemes are the representation of the moments of power that I recorded in everyday and intimate life, considering the relationships with people, animals, things or something else. They can be read in both directions. The hours of the day are marked on the horizontal and the degree of power from zero to ten on the vertical. In the upper part in yellow the power of others over me. Abowe in green my power on others. The moments of greater oscillation are moments of strong interaction between me and others, they are a continuous reference. Sometimes meals are my power, sometimes the power of hunger that I considered as something else. In this sense the question arises of how to classify sleep or other moments of the day when the body determines actions or other moments in which social conventions determine an action. It is about the inner distances between body, will, desires, thoughts and needs, between the various parts of interiority. The best representation would therefore be a line in continuous oscillation, both for relationships with others considered both as outside or inside oneself , or also with the outside that has been absorbed during life.

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