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IO NON SONO QUI    |   Photo-collage, video instalaltion, book and sound installation   |   By Filippo Ballarin, Arianna Ferrari, Chiara Luraghi, Giulia Savorani   |   Project realized during the artist residence at Mondolfo PU, Italy   |   Curated by Cristina Muccioli   |   2012

The village of Mondolfo was developed by layers, an underlay of undergrounds caves ramifies in his interiors, under the cellars of the historical centre’s houses. The authorities also imposed the pull down of a floor in each house in the aftermath of an earthquake in the thirties. The sound installation echoes the entire city in her forgotten tunnels, as they are still visible, respirable and hearable through the grates of the windows at feet level. The photo-collage is the result of a mixture of landscape photos of the zone, sections and hill lines accord themselves in their horizontal development on the wall. An imaginary overhead vision, how the maps were designed in the antiquity.

The sound and video installation consists of a video which is camera take in summer, on 360 degree at different speed of rotation with the sound of cicadas, and of a door which separate the screen from the viewer, who can hear it normally but he is obliged to peek at it through an hole.

Cròniche is a publication of 1000 copies, in which are printed the photos did to the local people dressed with a mantel for two, which recall the mantel of the Virgin typical of that region.

“To live, to lay, is radically different from visiting. It involves sharing a vision and a way of doing art among the members of the Book, A6, pag. 64, 1000 copies, texts by Cristina Muccioli CRòNICHE Sound installation, Video HD, colour, sound, dysplay 14 inch, loop, door group, getting in relationship with the real and everyday environment, the landscape and its inhabitants: briefly it requires and allows you to bring out, in a work of art, all that the map excludes, all the possibility that the mapping expels. A geographical or a political map has unreal and conventional colors, it does not contemplate human presence (a desert town and a populated one are reported in the same way as the territory to which they belong), it lacks any specificity, fragrance, atmosphere, signs of life . So it must be. Useful to those who have never been in a place for orientating, calculating distances from one point to another eluding all that is in between. The operation to match reality with the cartographic map is not attributable to the map itself, but to the way we perceive and know, unconsciously addicted to the artifice of the absolute abstract representation of a space.”

8 December 2012    |    Mondolfo (PU) Italy

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