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IN VITRO  |   218 used glass storage jars  |    cling film  |    fruits  |    herbs  |    marker drawing  |   sugar  |   vegetables  |    vinegar  |   water  |    Dimensions variable  |   Photos by Nikos Katsaros  |    at Closing soon   |    Athens, Greece   |   2021

"Giulia’s latest installation consists of 218 used glass storage jars. As household test tubes, these jars contain ingredients and create conditions suitable for the growth of germs. The artist makes handmade formulations based on fruits, vegetables and herbs and explores the natural processes of fermentation. In contrast to the obsessions around cleanliness and disinfection, this exhibition treats microorganisms as carriers of beneficial effects for the human organism. In nature, there is no concept of good and evil, there is only the principle of the optimal possible balance, which is achieved through the coexistence of opposites. Giulia Savorani proposes an act of diffusion and participation in the alchemical creation of a regenerative substance. Her goal is to claim a dynamic harmony, through continuous reflection, synthesis and research. The visitors of the exhibition are invited to collect and keep the formulations, along with detailed instructions related to their creation and maintenance. The exhibition In vitro is the outcome of Giulia’s residency at CLOSING SOON in September 2021." Closing soon

Fervida is produced by the fermentation process of fruits, vegetables and herbs and is rich in beneficial microorganisms. The fermentation process releases vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, probiotics and other nutrients.

Glass container with a screw cap
Kitchen cling film
Αpple cider or wine vinegar or a previous Fervida to sanitize the container
Fruits, vegetables or herbs
Sugar or honey

Clean the container with vinegar or Fervida remains
Divide the jar into 10 equal parts and mark accordingly with a permanent marker
Add 5 parts of water
Add 1 part of sugar or honey
Add 3 parts of fruits, vegetables or herbs
Leave the last part free
Cover the jar with a cling film
Place the lid without sealing the jar and store at room temperature and away from excessive light
Stir the content once per day for 2 weeks with a wooden spoon
After 2 weeks have lapsed, stir once a week for the following 2 months

NOTES After the first 2 weeks, the vegetables will immerse in the liquid and reach the bottom of the jar
After 6 months, the formulation will develop an intense odor of vinegar and a gelatinous texture on its surface, which is a sign of successful fermentation. If not, the formulation must be disposed of and the procedure must be repeated.
After 1 year, the fermentation is completed and the Fervida is ready for use
Food remains can also be used into making Fervida

Strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body and slows down cell degradation due to its high concentration of antioxidants (no dilution necessary) Moistures, cleans and protects the skin (no dilution necessary) Works as a digestive, balances and regenerates the intestine flora and soothes gastric hyperacidity (oral use without dilution) Enhances plant soil with nutrients (suggested dilution 1/1000) and makes house plant leaves shine (suggested dilution 1/200) Can be used as a natural detergent combined with tea tree and lavender essential oils (suggested dilution 1/200) Cleans and disinfects fruit and vegetables, keeping them fresh for longer (no dilution necessary)

Closing soon  |   Athens, Greece  |   2021

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