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Oiseaux    |   Trilogy with Alectoris and (ordine)   |   Film by Giulia Savorani    |    Video HD, 2 min 45 sec   |   2014

INVIDEO XXVII edizione Mostra Internazionale di video e cinema oltre, Milan, 2017    |   Bains, Connective Bruxelles, 2014

Oiseaux, Alectoris and (ordine) are a trilogy realized from reflections on the phobia of birds. Oiseaux presents an animal interaction in a city space watched from an animal dwell. A voice is reading from a birds encyclopedia in a rudimentary French. We fear what we don’t know and some times we mostly fear humankind.

Alectoris    |   a trilogy with Oiseaux and (ordine)   |   film by Giulia Savorani    |    Video HD, 4 min   |   2014

Accenteur alpin, Accenteur mouchet, Accipiter gentlis, Accipiter nisus, Accipitridés, Acridotheres cristatellus, ... Alectoris is the name of a species of bird. It is an experimental video, two voices, masculine and feminine enunciate names of bird’s’ species that begins with the letter A. This video is maybe an attempt to give a name to a sensible image.

(ordine)    |   a trilogy with Oiseaux and Alectoris   |   film by Giulia Savorani    |    Video HD, 3 min 15 sec   |   2014

A sensory logic guide the succession of images and sounds. (ordine) is a part of the trilogy with Oiseaux and Alectoris, realized from reflections on the phobia of birds. It is a free visual experimental video about game and domination covered by order. Children are playing basketball and they are arguing about a foul.Among them there is one who is considered a chef, he decides the truth. Bird’s phobia could deal with control and touch. As it could be a matter of control and relationship it could be, broadly speaking, related to justice.

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