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Parco Lambro    |   A film by Federico Gariboldi, Francesco Martinazzo, Giulia Savorani, Martina Taccani   |   Sound: Leonardo Falascone    |   Produced by Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti Milano   |   2016

Terminalia, 2018    |    Milano in 48 h, da vicino nessuno è normale, 2017    |    Bergamo Film Meeting, 2017   |   Cineteca Nazionale Roma, 2017    |    Filmmaker Festival Milan, 2016   |   52 Mostra Internazionale Cinema, Pesaro, Italy, 2016

The film is a suggestions on the idea of the park, which is developed as an unusual variation on the theme nature documentary. Since a peacock shook his hypnotic eyes. Why a peacock? Since the beginning until the end, we can say that the themes and the issues were amalgamated delineating some constant elements: the dance, the reappropriation of the body, certain expressions of vitality. As for training to truth and mystery, these expressions are manifested, and evaporate in an instant. An exploration through the repertoire of the Re Nudo Festival, amateur videos Super8 and actual possible transformations within the park. The voice off is the result of research and selection of parts of the text taken from the recording of Thomas Eliot’s Four Quartets.

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