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TreeCloakBell    |   Film and installation   |   Made under LocalArt, prize promoted by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Cuneo in collaboration with the Association Art.ur Cuneo and with Fondazione Fotografia di Modena   |   Curated by Ilaria Bonacossa   |   2015

TreeCloakBell has been realized at Mondovi, inspired by the story of a woman considered Servant of God or heretical in the XVII century. The film is a critique of dogmatism and it is made by following the dynamics of a dream.

Around 1680, in Mondovi, there were some rebellions against fiscal oppression of Savoy, called Salt Wars, rebellion against an arbitrary rule as any other. Of the same historical period is the figure of Anna Maria Faussone, servant of God, whose life is explanatory of individual and collective psychologies who lived deeply the conflict between coded ethical and moral. Figures relegated to the definitions of heresy or holiness that reveal in these borders psychosis, neurosis, mystical sublimations, hallucinations and parapsychological experiences. Containers that can not grasp, or contained too fleeting. In many cases classifications depend on the visions and codifications that judge.

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