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The Mexican   |    Happening with intervention on the film Que viva Mexico! by Eizenstein  |    The end of the species presented by Zapruderfilmmakersgroup   |    Photos, drawings, digital film   |   2019

The end of the species is a project directed by Zapruder Filmmakersgroup. It is an happening over the film Que viva Mexico! by Eisenstein. Every participant is called to make his own action on the film. My intervention consists in a reflection over the meeting both as encounter or clash in relation to what we can see, among reality and imagination. That also means how going toward expectations.

Ejzenstejn in Film Form, writes about his cinematographic career. He speaks about his experience in scenography for the piece Mexican, inspired from a tale by Jack London. He wanted to introduce in theatre the real life. The climax of the story was a boxing encounter that should have take place behind the scenery (as the bullfight in Carmen). But he proposed to make a real boxing encounter and finally this was realised with all the others actor standing around as a fighting ring.

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